Cowboys Do Not Need Dak

Currently. The defense and special teams have been so good that the Cowboys are going very conservative with the game plan. Cooper is doing enough to keep the wins coming. Would have been 12/16 without the drops and possibly a lot more points. He has delivered some critical throws throughout this run. He was not bad or pathetic-the team did not ask him to pass much. Rush is still unproven though.

When Dak gets his job back, he will not have the luxury of blaming the coaches or defense or offensive line or receivers. Obviously, the team can perform just fine with the current team assets. Just win in the big games and especially January/February. That’s how you earn the respect so many fans here want others to bestow on the QB.

Things I did notice that affected the offense. Aaron Donald is really good (sorry Tyler Smith). Tony pollard is a fantastic runner, but a liability in blitz pickups. The team made some penalties that killed drives. The Cowboys did not want to risk a turnover to the point of not calling longer developing pass plays. Tried to kill the clock by running it later in the game. Will see what happens with Philly-hope Rush gets another start for more data and more of a feel for how he responds to even more pressure.

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