How wide of a gap is there between the Cowboys from the 49ers/Eagles

Take away homer thoughts, both the 49ers/Eagles last yr were clearly better teams then the Cowboys:

-Both teams were absolutely loaded personnel wise. Eagles lost arguably their best defensive player in Hargrave, who signed with the 49ers. Lost their coordinators on both sides of the football and now will be counting on several young prospects to make an impact. Eagles are quite like the Cowboy team, but still have better players inside the trenches on both side of the football. Eagles might see a little step back due to a lot unproven talent.

-The 49ers, in my opinion are a different animal, health remains a concern, along with their QB position. Will teams figure out Purdy? The same can be said about Hurts. Usually, when given an off-season, defensive coordinators will find weaknesses to exploit. Will they find away to overcome the so called 2nd yr jinx? How do teams successfully attack the 49er defense?

-Cowboys definitely can play with both teams, but they will need to play more clean and take advantage of their opponents mistakes. Still believe their is a gap. but not as wide as previous seasons.

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