Thoughts/Opinions of the Giants

This is a game that the Cowboys can ill afford to lose or just show up. The Giants are basically playing a PS QB.


-Giant Defense has actually played real well over the last few weeks, it’s their anemic offense that’s held them back. Expect to see a ton of blitzes from their DC, with press coverage behind it. Adoree Jackson may not play, but their rookie corners have gotten better as the season has progressed.

-This might be a good game to get the run game going as they just traded away Leonard Williams. Jacobs had a strong game last wk against them.

-You can bet your life Thibodeux will be matched up with Steele the majority of the game, he didn’t record a single pressure in the opener, but has 8.5 sacks.

-Don’t beat yourself with penalties, protect the football and make the Giants play catch up on the scoreboard.


-Expect to see a heavy dose of Barkley and an underneath, short passing game. Against the Jets, they wouldn’t trust Devito at all throwing the football.

-Their OL is better today, then it was in the opener, but still a major liability. The right side of the line remains the area of weakness.

-Darrin Waller is on the ir, Slayton/Hyatt are the 2 that can stretch the field, where the rest are more slot type of receivers. Cowboys got to watch the screen game.

-Force the Giant offense to play off-schedule, make them convert third and longs.

Special Teams

-Giants had to replace both their PK and PR due to injury.

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