Thoughts about yesterday’s nail biter!

My stream kept on cutting in and out, which made watching the game even more frustrating. Think yesterday, was the perfect storm for the Texans, turnovers, run game, injuries and scheme all had them primed for a huge upset, until they got greedy and lost it in the end. This isn't college football, a win is a win that is all that matters!


-Thought they got away from the run game in the 1st half after the opening drive.

-This was the same scheme teams were using against the Cowboys in the 2nd half of the season that caused them to struggle badly. The way to beat it, is take what is given underneath, run the football and use the QB's legs. Dak hasn't learned, kept on forcing ball in tight windows that led to many tipped passes and could of been more then just 1 interception. Very poor job, especially on the early downs.

-Really think the loss of Steele really affected our offensive performance, he was the reason why they were stopped at the goal line, gave up the pressure that led to the interception.

-Both Shultz/Gallup, have to make those TD catches. Yes, good hit on Gallup, but the game was on the line.

-Thought Noah Brown had his best game since Dak returned, set up the 1st TD, then had a great catch on the final drive.

-Credit Dak for playing a terrible game and being able to drive 98 yards for the winning TD.


-Just like on offense, thought an injury really affected their play when Hankins went down.

-Run defense really struggled again, not only by Pierce, but also the read option. No defense will have any success when offenses are in consistent 3rd and shorts when having to play the run/pass.

-I said this week prior to the game, that Lve was having a very solid season and nobody was talking about it, this was met with a lot of backlash. He had a tremendous game yesterday! Yes, more of a role player, but a solid one.

-Thought Joseph played as good as what we have seen from Anthony Brown. Gave up one long pass, but other then that, played well. Yes, we need to see it against better competition, but a good start to get his feet wet.

-Defense did a very poor job after the turnovers, allowing TD's.

-DLaw saved the game once again, like he did against the Lions. Huge 3rd down stop.

-Parsons cannot have no show games like he did yesterday. He was a complete non factor.

-Zero pass rush was concerning, understand short quick passes, but still clean pockets.

Special Teams

-Thought the fumble by Turpin turned around the entire game, three and out and could of had a double score lead.

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