Thoughts about this week’s huge divisional road game!

-We still don't know who is starting at QB, however, it seems Rush is most likely.

-Eagles offense presents many challenges. RPO with a legitimate dual threat QB, talented skill positional players and perhaps the best OL's in football. What strategy should the Cowboys use to defend them?

-Minnesota got lit up playing soft deep shell coverage, the Cowboys need to do the complete opposite, stack the box, play tight man coverage and force Hurts to beat them with his arm not his legs. Must stay disciplined with their rush lanes. Take away their run game and force them to drive the entire field. I would use Wilson as a spy and Kearse matching up with their TE. Watkins could be dangerous as that over the top type of receiver.

-Eagles still have a loaded defensive line, but they are an aging one. Their linebackers are average and have one top corner in Slay. Successfully running the football will be paramount as it won't allow their rushers to just pin their ears back. There should be opportunities in the passing game if they can hold up in protection.

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