Shout out to Bones and the Special Teams

As excited as we all are about our defense, we can’t forget to give a salute to Bones Fassel and the performance of the Cowboys STs. Look at these stats:

  • Since the start of the 2021 season, the Cowboys have blocked 4 punts- the most over that period in the entire NFL.
  • Dorance Armstrong alone this year has the blocked punt against the rams Sunday, and two weeks ago had a critical blocked FG against the midgets in a 23-16 win.
  • Most of us probably rolled our eyes when we signed Brett Maher but he is 10-11 on FG attempts so far and his kickoffs have been so deep, only one ko has been returned for 18 yards.
  • Although he hasn’t broken one yet, there’s no question it’s just a matter of time before Kevantah Turpin takes a punt or KO to the house. He’s the best returner we’ve had since Dwayne Harris. It’s so much better than the days of watching guys like Ryan Switzer let the ball hit the ground and lose 10-20 yards of field position.
  • Brian Anger is a punting/field position weapon.

Special teams are 1/3 of the game. For far too long we had below average STs. This year’s STs are bringing something special to each game.

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