Gorico Heka (10) Plat Guarantee Win Over Sheagles

Dear fellow zoners—- your friendly Gorico has laid 3 Plats this season…Quad plat in toilet game one

Quad plat against G-men ( winner )…Octo-Plat against Rams ( winner ) that means we are 8 Plats

in the black so far….so now Sheagles game….about +4.5 dogs for the game….but we dont care

about any Vegas lines cause we only do straight up winners….i was thinking move the chips in

and borrow a couple and do a Heka (10) Plat against Sheagles cause they make me so sick

i cannot stomach them beating us…throw out game one…our offense averages 23 and Sheagles

27…our defense gives up 14.4 to Sheagles 17.2….so in that respect we are neck and neck overall

and because i know this Philly lover some of you are aware of Philly-500….just got to move all chips

in and borrow a few….game of the season…Cowboys win….# 1 in division we own all tie breakers so

far…we lose we go down 2 games…..Nahhhh….taking my chances….our achille's is Hurtz's RPO's which

freeze our linebackers and rushman to a degree and backfield forced to peek in their backfield….but

i have trust in our DC to scheme up plan for them seeing how Arizona should have beaten them

So fellow zoners—-lets ride this tidal wave wherever it takes us

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