Thoughts about the Giants!

Yes, the Giants are really banged up, but Green Bay was too. Point is, you cannot take any team lightly, especially a divisional opponent at home.


-Giant's strength within their defense is their DL. Leonard Williams who missed the 1st matchup is back. Dexter Lawrence is one of the best NT's in the entire league. Pass rush is average at best outside of these 2. Their prized rookie flashes, but is developing. Running inside the tackles might be tough sledding, but teams have had some success doing so.

-Their linebackers are average and they have injuries across the board in their secondary. This might be the game to air it out and take advantage of the matchups. However, their DC blitzes more then any other team, they have success on third and distances cause of his exotic pressure packages. Cowboys need to avoid these situations, but Dak has a strong track record when teams come after him.

-Giants offense struggles putting up points, they cannot win many games in the 30's and not winning the turnover battle. Force them to play catch up and they will struggle.


-Playing the Giants is all about containing both Barkley and Jones on the ground. Detroit play press/man coverage across the board and everyone else inside the box. This was very successful. However, it led to some big QB runs by Jones. He is more athletic then many think and a spy needs to be on him. Expect to see many read options and a heavy dose of their run game.

-Slaton is the only real receiver to worry about, along with Barkley out of the backfield. Slaton has the speed to blow the top off a defense and is Jones most trusted receiver. He is the one player to key on in the passing game.

Special Teams

-They benched their punt returner due to fumbles and now he is back due to injury of Jackson their starting corner.

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