The last two week and a look ahead

I saw a post earlier in the week from a fan who was just over it. Football didn't give him joy anymore. While I don't feel that way, with the overaction and bombastic nature of this board and the media… I can see why.

  • Are we as bad as we played in the 4th quarter against the Packers? NO.
  • Are we as good as we played in the Viking game?- NO.
  • Are we somewhere in between? – YES.

Each game is its own. This isn't a video game where if you're better you're going to win and it's going to be a blowout because you should be.

Look at the Lions. This board was up-in-arms about how we barely beat them and the worst defense in the… blah, blah, blah. Look at them now. Keen football fans saw the improvement the Lions played with and it has continued. The Packers found a little something against us too and I think we (Big Mike) got too cute and on tilt and it cost us.

We aren't great against the run. We aren't even good against the run. But, I think we are similar to the Peyton Manning lead Colts of the 2000s. If we can get a lead and keep pushing on offense… we can score them out of the run and let our pass rushers get to work. Similar to Freeney and Mathis.

The Giants are going to RUN the ball on us this Thursday. That's a fact. Regardless of the outcome of the game, it doesn't change what I think we are. A good team that could go to the division championship game if things break the right way.

But I'm going to enjoy the ride.

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