Jerry vs Stephen

Stephen will want to cut Zeke and Tyron after this season.

Jerry will want to keep them.

Stephen has gotten his way with the cuts of Jerry pet cats like Dez & Jaylon as well replacing Garrett.

It appears that Stephen didn't really want to re-sign Gregory but RG was Jerry's pet cat. Stephen offered the contract but irritated RG/agent and they didn't sign it.

Stephen definitely didn't want to give Zeke the big contract but Jerry had a meltdown and insisted.

Stephen hates over-paying players relative to their contributions.

Zeke has a salary of.10.9M for 2023.

– It is the 1st time his salary is not guaranteed.

Tyron has a 13.6M salary for 2023.

Current year Cap hit does not matter with regards to keep or cut decisions. The non-guaranteed base salaries are the deciding criteria with regards to cap dollars in keep/cut scenarios.

– They save 100% of the non-guaranteed base salary if they cut the player. The savings might be spread over 2 seasons but they save all of it.

– They manage the cap on a multi-year basis, not on a 1 year at a time basis.

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