Best case scenario, thoughts of final week

Crazy games yesterday, Eagles lost again, Vikings got blown out on the national stage, Tampa showed who was king of the South, Giants entered the postseason and we almost had the Raiders with a backup QB beat the 49ers. Odds are we will be facing the Tampa Bay Bucs in a difficult matchup on the road, but I believe this would be our best case scenario and it doesn’t involve the 1st rd bye:

-Eagles lose, 49ers win, Packers lose and Seattle wins:

49ers are the #1 seed, we are the #2 where we would play Seattle at home. The following week if no upsets, Eagles would travel to the 49ers, we will get a rematch with the Vikings. Could see a home game in the championship if Eagles upset the 49ers. I know that is a lot of what if’s, but would be the best route to the Super Bowl.

-Can the Giants realistically beat the Eagles when they have nothing to play for? Yes, I will give you a few reasons:

-Several years ago they decided to play their veterans against the undefeated Patriots team, they lost a close game, but gave them confidence they can play with this team. I saw that same affect when they almost beat the Vikings, a very confident team right now.

-If many remember the Giants were headed to the playoffs 2 seasons ago, all they needed the Eagles to beat Washington in the finale. They decided to bench their starters in the 2nd half for a higher draft pick. Many of all Giant players do not forget what they did.

-Eagles will probably have Jalen Hurts back, but nobody knows how truly healthy he will be.

It’s unlikely the Giants pull the upset, but there is a chance. See more of a chance here, then the 49ers losing at home to a Arizona team playing a backup.

As for the Cowboys heading into the final week:

-Not the time to rest their players. You see teams like GB and the Giants playing their best football, the Cowboys need to do the same and have full confidence heading into the playoffs. They need to play a clean game and blow out this Washington team. Defense has to get their mojo back!

-Must figure out the corner opposite Diggs. Whomever is getting the call, is no where near matching Anthony Brown’s prior production. Hell, even Dobbs exposed Wright down the field. What do you think Brady will do? Not sure what is the solution, but Quinn needs to find it fast.

-Our defensive stars need to start playing like that! Diggs has really struggled for several weeks as QB’s have used his aggressiveness against him. He needs to become a shutdown corner, where Quinn can roll coverage to the other side that needs the help. Both Parsons/DLaw have have been too quiet over the last month, they have to impact the game!

-As for the offense, Dak and these receivers have to protect the football at all costs. Good teams will take advantage of the turnover battle. Dak cannot play hero ball when the defense is struggling, he needs to trust them even more. It seems when the defense is struggling he starts to force the action, live for another play, especially down in their zone!

-Biggest issues offensively over the last few weeks is their lack of a strong running game. Is it coincidence the run game has gotten worse since Steele went down? Could it be that they were playing stout fronts or teams taking away the run? If they want to be successful in the postseason, they need to fix this fast. Remember, a good run game travels!

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