Thoughts about the Detroit Lions!


-Very important that Dak doesn't come out flat as this defense is one of the worst in the league

-Hutchinson is the edge player to key on, the Lions will use him all over the line looking for the best matchups.

-Brockers who have given the Cowboys offense problems in the past playing for the Rams is the interior guy who can make some plays.

-Linebackers are pretty solid, especially against the run. However, some teams have had some success.

-Secondary outside of Okuda is very poor. This could potentially be a great game for Dak to get the offense going.


-Much harder then many realize, one of the best scoring offenses in the league.

-Have a legitimate run game, especially with Swift coming back this week. Cowboy run defense needs to play much better this week or they could potentially be in trouble.

-Their OL is one of the better units throughout the league and don't give up many sacks.

-St Brown and their TE Hockenson are their two best weapons in the passing game. Kearse will need to play another strong game against the TE. They move St Brown all over, so our secondary must be up to the task.

-Kind of like last week, in which they failed, must put the game on Goff's arm, not their run game.

Detroit has only 1 win but they have been in every game except against NE. They had 2 weeks to study the Cowboys and are looking to rebound from their last poor performance.

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