QBs alone don’t win SBs- TEAMS win SBs

I certainly agree with many Cowboys fans that Dak needs to lead us to some playoff wins. But there is a major problem with the premise that QBs alone win SBs. That’s not correct. Teams win Super Bowls. Even the best QBs need help to win a SB.

Don’t believe me?

  • Look at the 2020 SB champion Buccaneers. Tom Brady was horrible in the NFC championship game that year vs GB. He threw 3 picks that allowed the pack to almost win that game. The Tampa defense bailed him out. He played very well in the SB. But without the TB defense, there is no SB win.
  • Look at last year’s champ the rams. Matt Stafford had ZERO playoff wins until he was traded to a better TEAM. Stafford was a key part of them winning, but he certainly didn’t carry them alone.
  • The year Filly won their SB their QB was Nick Foles. Anyone watching the e-girls playoff wins that season knows very well that Nick Foles did not carry that team alone on his back.

This list could go on and on. Teams win SBs. Yes, you have to have good quarterbacking to win in the playoffs. But if that were all you need why hasn’t Aaron Rodgers won more than 1 SB?

Look, Dak needs to start leading this team to some playoff wins- on that I wholeheartedly agree. But it takes a lot more than a hero at QB to win a SB.

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