Thoughts/Opinions about yesterday’s blowout win!

No matter the competition, Divisional Wins are still very important!


-There is a reason why the Cowboys see more zone coverage then press man since that Denver loss a few years ago, all the big yac plays returned. They averaged almost 9 yards a play, which is insane. If a team wants to blitz, they better pressure Dak or it will destroy you.

-Many have pointed to the lack of offense for the Cowboys this yr, they are ranked within the top 5! Dak has played at all pro bowl level since the 49er loss!

-Nice to see Cooks/Gallup have strong games.

-Lamb is truly making a case for the best WR in football this season, we haven’t seen this type of dominance in many years.

-You can tell Schoon is thinking too much, the mental part of the game is really affecting his play. This happens to rookies all the time.

-Dowdle really needs to start and return Pollard to that reserve role. Dowdle flies through the hole, where Pollards is constantly going laterally.

-Didn’t like the Pollard run to end their 1st drive.


-For the most part Defense did as well as expected. Did well against the run game and constantly pressured the QB.

-Whenever their is an issue with the passing defense it is usually on Lewis. Bland has done well replacing Diggs, but there has been a drop-off in the slot. Muku had a bad PI when he was in the game late, not sure if there are any answers in house that are better.

-Defense still struggles with QB who can run, looked like DeVito had more rushing yards then passing yards.

-Parsons looked like he took the week off, just wasn’t as explosive as we normally see.

-What the hell is Gallimore doing?

Special Teams

-Duece is no Turpin as a punt returner, more of a liability. Dowdle needed to make a fair catch on that ko after the penalty.

-Anger continues to have a strong season.

It time to start stacking up the wins ang getting separation from the lesser teams. They still will have their shot against the Eagles down the line!

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