Thoughts about Jaguars!

To be honest, I haven't seen any Jaguars games this season. This breakdown will probably be shorter than usual. Thought this was the so called "trap game" prior to last week's game against the Texans. With the Cowboys barely winning, don't think they will take this team lightly.


-Jaguars are very stout against the run, I believe they are top 10 in that department. However, they rank towards the bottom in pass defense. Might have to win this game throwing the football, but have to try to stay balanced.

-They really aren't a huge threat rushing the passer, as their top guy has only 5 sacks.

-Their secondary is extremely young, many draft guys will remember the likes of Tyson Campbell and Andre Cisco. Our receivers will have a distinct advantage if we play clean.


-Their HC, Doug Peterson was the former Eagle Coach and should know all about our strengths and weaknesses. Expect to see a ton of read options and Lawrence is more athletic then many realize.

-Another tough challenge stopping the run, their main back Etienne is a quality back that averages close to 5 yards a carry.

-Ton of speed all over the field Kirk, Marvin Jones, Zay Jones. Engram the former Giant he having a solid season and he also possesses elite speed. Cowboys have to protect giving up the big passing plays.

-Good news is, their OL is one of the worst in protecting their QB. There should be opportunities to rush the passer, unless Jax does what other teams have done against our defense, short, quick passes.

Special Teams

Nothing of note.

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