Thoughts about 2nd half, this week and other notes

-This week is not a so called must win, but it really would hurt their chances for the division. GB is a mash unit, on a long losing streak and about to pack it in for the season.

-After the following week at Minnesota, the Cowboys have finished all their NFC games outside the division and get to face the AFC South. Outside of maybe the Titans, they need to win these contests as they will be favored in every one.

-Many here are saying OBJ is a locker room cancer. I got to see his entire career as a Giant, he much more like Dez then he is like TO. Very passionate and allows his emotions to get the best of him at times, but he is a gamer and gives it his best every week. If the Cowboys have the opportunity to sign him, he could potentially take this offense to championship level. This wide receiving group needs that alpha, which they don't currently have and Amari Cooper never was.

-Justin Fields and the Bears rushing attack is legitimate. They did it again, rushed for over 250 yards. Many will complain about the Cowboys inability to stop them on the ground, but they are doing it to everyone they face over the last month.

-Looking around the league, many teams are struggling stopping the run. I watched the Bills defense yesterday and they are suppose to be the best, Jets ran 7 straight run plays and they couldn't stop the bleeding. Fully aware one of their good linebacker was out, but that cannot happen. I believe teams have been built to stop the pass and the good run teams are taking advantage. Why have the Bucs, Rams struggled this year? Cause they cannot run the football with any consistency.

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