Which Players Are Having Their “Breakout” Season?

I would say that the player on top would have to be Donavon Wilson, the guy leading all defenders in tackles. His is near the top of every Cowboys lists in defensive categories.

Tony Pollard is having a breakout season. He is on pace for a thousand or more years and he leads all NFL RB's in yards per carry. Then again, he has been steadily trending up each previous season. Can we still say he is having a breakout season? I think so.

Noah Brown should be considered, especially if he comes back after the bye and continues his contributions.

Remember, breakout season is defined as a season where a formerly low contributor per season for the team makes a significant contribution that indicates a huge trend up for his career.

It cannot apply to rookies. Obviously, it cannot apply to a player that has previously made a huge contribution.

I would say that my greatest disappointments are no breakout season for one of many, highly drafted DT's. I believe that the trade for Hankins confirms this. I had also hoped that a young CB would step up. It hasn't happened.

Did Cooper Rush have a breakout season? Well, I think we can concede that he had a breakout quarter season. If he was having a breakout season then he would have still been starting.

Is Terrence Steele having a breakout season. Difficult to say unless he is getting props from influential sources., Zack martin did say he was the best run blocker he knew. When did Terrence begin impressing Martin?

In your opinion, who is having the breakout season?

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