Cowboys Should Stand Pat, Mortgage Youth, Not Future on Free Agent

This whole talk about Beckham is silly. The only way I would sign Beckham is if he wants to play on a 1-year deal. This team can be competitive for several years now. In other words, with the way our roster is sitting, if we were just to focus on maintaining our guys for the next 5 years, we may have a squad that could pull of 2 or 3 championships in that kind of time span.

I know we can free up some cap space by restructuring Dak, and releasing guys like Tyron Smith and Zeke later on, but I still can't figure out why you'd want to saddle your team with that much depth when you've yet to sign a few key guys.

We could end up like the Rams.

I would like to see Jerry go out with multiple championships in 2022.

On the other hand, maybe we could get this done, say, if Dak were to agree to restructure contingent on signing someone like Beckham.

Dak's brother, Tad, who really is a loud mouth jackass, was talking about how all other teams have made moves to get better (the Cowboys traded for Hankins, by the way) and basically insinuated the Cowboys were sitting on their hands.

The Cowboys have something with this unit, and they're young. So to me, I'd rather spend my money on them rather than giving it to someone who honestly may not even help this team in 2023, given he tore his ACL last year about 6 weeks after Gallup.

We know Gallup worked hard, and he still hasn't returned to 100% of the player he once was. He's getting there, but wouldn't we be better off with a cheaper option? Or investing in depth at another position?

I know Beckham could improve the team, but there's only one ball to go around. And only so much money to spend now and in the future. And so many holes to fill. I think we should wait and see how efficient/explosive we can be in the next few games to make that call.

I also think we need Dak to put his money where Tad's mouth is, and restructure enough to make it worth signing someone like Beckham.

If there ever was a time to firm Dak up on the idea of restructuring like Tom Brady did with his winning teams, it's right now.

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