Thoughts about today’s blowout win!

Vikings are the hottest team in the league and we just drubbed them in their house. We have the Vikings number, beating them 3 in a row with 3 different QB's.


-Excellent job with running the football and staying with it. When you dominate the trenches, passing the football gets that much easier. Dak was terrific today, but the ground attack was dominate. This is our recipe for success. Control the clock, keep defense fresh and force teams to play catchup.

-Tony Pollard had a career day, thought Zeke played, especially on 3rd and shorts. Why has Kellen Moore waited so long to pass the football down the field to Pollard? Pollard is really looking like a special player.

-Thought OL was outstanding, not only opening up huge holes in the run game, but Dak had a clean pocket all game long.


-Very good sign as they responded from their worse defensive performance with a truly dominate game. This shows strong character and leadership.

-Pretty simple, you have to earn the right to rush the passer by playing well on the early downs. Run defense was far better, still not great, but they don't have to be.

-Pass rush was completely dominate today. Not just one player either. A statue QB like Cousins had zero chance for success. Even with Darrishaw in the game, they won the trenches. Like how Quinn moved Parsons around today.

-Props to our secondary, but a lot had to do with our pass rush today.

Special Teams

-What a BS call after the 60 yard FG. Very, very late. Karma baby, when Maher nailed it again!

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