This Was The Blueprint – My Thoughts On The Offense

First and foremost, Kellen Moore called a wonderful game and had a great game plan Sunday.

I cannot stress enough how well Dak played. He played the way a lot of us here have begged him to play. He played within his limits and did not try and do too much. He took what the defense gave him and took shots when they presented themselves instead of trying to force them to materialize. This is the version of Dak that, if we get each week, would be our best path to success.

The running game was the main focus as it should have been and should continue to be going forward. Zeke played well on his limited carries while Pollard showed that he can still be RB1. Pollard is the best playmaker we have on offense and I don't believe it's all that close. We need to do whatever it takes to get the ball into his hands 15+ times a game. He just makes plays.

The WRs also played great. They caught the ball when given the opportunity, fought for the extra yards, and didn't make Dak fit it into any tight windows. They did a good job getting open and beating their man.

The O-Line continues to be very underrated. They did great in all aspects today. The run blocking is still great and the pass blocking gave Dak plenty of time to get the ball out. We don't talk enough about how well the line has been playing when a lot of us thought for sure they would be a weaker link and they have proven not to be.

This was the blueprint for how the offense needs to be ran week in and week out. We focus mainly on the run game and Dak takes what the defense gives him. I believe that playing this way is our path to success on the offensive side of things.

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