Cowboys Defense 1 In Points Allowed

The Cowboys defense is currently #1 in points allowed. They are #9 in yards allowed. This is powered by the fact that they are the #1 passing defense in the league allowing an average of 175 passing yards.

Their run defense is dragging them down to their #9 spot in total yards given up. They are ranked 26th in rushing yards given up.

Meanwhile, the offense had vaulted to #7 in scoring while being #14 in yardage. They have the 2nd fewest turnovers in the league while the defense has the 3rd most takeaways. This leads to a #3 rank in turnover/takeaway margin.

Overall, the Cowboys are ranked #2 in the league for points margin

The Cowboys have scored an average of 35.25 points a game since Dak's return compared to 21.4 points a game with Cooper Rush. Throughout the entire season, the Cowboys defense has given up an average of 16.7 points a game.

Dak has squeezed into the top ten rank for passer rating. He is at #10 currently. His 68 yard pass to Pollard is the 9th longest in the league so far this season. Yes, the quarterback is often the recipient of impressive numbers due to the dynamic play of their teammates but the 88% accuracy in the Viking game was impressive.

In fact, Dak is ranked #8 in completion percentage, higher than Kyler Muray, Justin Herbert, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers among others.

Bret Maher has now made 7 field goals of 50 or more yards this season. Three of them came yesterday.

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