Dak dominated on QB passing checklist

Tim Hasselbeck does a mini-breakdown of Dak's successful passing outing against the Vikings.

Go to the 3:35 minute mark…

QB passer checklist:

  • Read the Defense coverage correctly
  • Run the pass play promptly & correctly
  • Set your feet quickly on 3, 5 & 7 drop back
  • Go through progressions quickly & accurately while shifting your base to face each target
  • Pass to the best open option after quickly going through your progressions
  • Be decisive, firm and accurate with your throws
  • Convert more than 50% of your passes on 3rd down
  • Commit 0 turnovers
  • Hit receivers at all 3 levels on the field
  • Don't be a hero. Drive the bus. Be decisive and accurate. Connect on over 70% of your passes. Hit the big play when needed.

Dak checked off on all points of the above checklist. Pure domination. Hope he can build on it. Looks like Dak watched Kurt Warner's recent breakdowns on his recent performances and took some of Kurt's advice.

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