Failure equals Motivation

1. Always kind of sorta being in the mix, even if we all know we’re not winning anything, won’t do it

2. 12-5 and losing before the conference championship game won’t do it.

3. Losing in the Wild Card game won’t do it.

4. Going 9-8 and being in the mix for a wild card spot won’t do it.

The only thing that’s going to cause real change is drafting around the top 5 for a few years in a row. Jerry thinks his way of "we like our guys", not trying to make a splash in free agency, or trying to get better via trades is working, because it kinda is, because we’re not complete bottom feeders. We’re usually in the playoff picture until the end. Most of us know we’re not really going to do anything in the playoffs, but as long we’re in the mix Jerry thinks we’re close. This is a major issue with this organization.

This is why we should just suck it up and hope for complete and utter failure. We should be hoping for last place in the division. We should be hoping for a top 5 draft pick. We’re not at the level of the top teams in the NFL because we don’t operate in the same ways they do. Just because we make the playoffs every couple of years doesn’t mean we’re at the same level of the teams we’re competing against in the playoffs. We’ve carved out this spot where we’re slightly better than middle of the pack most years. That’s good enough to beat an 8-9 team in the Wild Card game, but not good enough to advance further. The difference in us and those teams that are better than us are when things don’t work they tear it down and rebuild. We don’t do that. We’re comfortable being slightly better than the middle.

Jerry thinks he can field a Super Bowl caliber team every year with his guys. He’s wrong and we have 30 years of proof. The only thing that going to make Jerry go after that big FA, draft that QB at the top of the 1st round, or make that big trade is complete and utter failure and desperation for his Cowboys to be competitive. He’s not been desperate like that for awhile now. Even in the 8-8 Romo years we were always a Week 17 win away from making the playoffs. Desperation to be competitive is the only thing I could see making Jerry do something out of the ordinary.

If there’s anything that Jerry hates about being in the spotlight. It’s being in the spotlight because of failure. We see how contentious he can get with media when we lose and they question his decisions. He will give these defensive answers when his decisions are questions. It clearly gets to him when he thinks "his way" is not working. This is why, as Cowboys fans, we should just take it on the chin for a few years and hope for complete failure from the organization. I fear that anything less than this will see us every offseason going the business as usual route and doing nothing.

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