Why Shouldn’t Tony Pollard Leave Dallas?

This season….

Zeke: 443 yards

Pollard: 506 yards

Zeke: 0 100-yard rushing games

Pollard: 2 100-yard rushing games.

Zeke:4 TDs

Pollard: 5 TDs

Zeke: 6 catches

Pollard: 12 catches

Zeke: 32 receiving yards

Pollard: 121 receiving yards

Zeke: 15 carries a game

Pollard: 10 carries a game

Zeke: 63 YPG

Pollard: 63 YPG

Zeke: 4.1 YPA (32nd in the NFL)

Pollard: 6.2 YPA (1st in the NFL)

Then, after he rushes for 140 yards and 3 TDs Sunday you have Jerry coming out to let everyone know that Zeke is the man, we will go as he goes, and everything runs through Zeke blah blah blah.

Let's be real here for a second, Pollard has been better than Zeke for 2 years now.

Why shouldn't Pollard ditch this disrespect and go somewhere that will feature him? Surely, he wants an opportunity to be the real starter somewhere instead of living in a lesser players shadow because he doesn't make as much money. Everyone can see who makes the offense more explosive and who we seem to be able to speed things up with.

It's fine to let Zeke and Pollard split the carries to change up the pace, but I don't see how anyone can justify Zeke getting the majority of the carries at this point. The better player is Pollard at this point and he needs to be getting more of the playing time.

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