Is 2023 Make or Break for Michael Gallup?

So, I would say the guy is still my favorite player on the team. Mostly, the way he goes about doing his job off-the-field and on the team. Individually, though, I thought he under-delivered this year. And as a big Gallup fan, that was disappointing for me.

That said, we’re human. And that’s what I like about Gallup. He’s never loses his human element on camera, and just goes on about his role. He’s just trying to help do his part.

But given his lack of production from last year, as well as his contract, which, I think he had the potential to be worth, pre-injury, I have to assume 2023 is pretty crucial for Gallup, and I hope he puts in the offseason work to come on strong.

The other thing is, the chemistry from Dak just wasn’t there with Gallup, and I was disappointed to see Dak look away from him when he was open, only throwing to him when he was covered, because he was forcing it to a player he knew he previously overlooked or second-guessed in San Fran. I actually think Dak’s lack of confidence in Gallup may have cost us that game. That missed throw was just nervous energy coming out in Dak’s arm…

In any event, I hope they get that all twerked out, and also bring in some new WR talent next year. Dak needs weapons. You may as well get them; they will be as equally important to your core, which I’d say there’s a small window of keeping.

The base of a very good team is there, but guys like Gallup would have to put in an extra-hard offseason. If I were emperor of the Cowboys, I would draft year-round workout warriors. Guys like Fehoko, Washington, etcetera, all seem lazy to me.

Give me guys that come back to the next camp looking transformed. I want those guys.

In any event, my boy needs to go out there and earn some of that contract in 2023. I’m not saying he didn’t earn it in 2022, just that there will be no excuses this year even after a year in which he came back so admirably.

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