This Team Misses LVE; Looks Like He’ll Be Back

Kelvin Joseph had a solid first half, although I’m disappointed at his lack of aggression and then getting toasted on the stop and go, and then again on the next series on the redzone. I hate to see a young player like him struggle, but I suspect we’ll be utilizing Doran Bland, who also got beat a time or two. To me, our players weren’t prepared for a formidable offense like Jacksonville.

The good news?

Dallas managed to clench a playoff berth despite losing in OT to the JAGs. I have to say, they played a great game.

When Dallas comes to play teams like the Texans and Jacksonville, who have nothing to lose, it’s like their Super Bowl.

You guys can all get down on this team all you want.

The homer in me says we still have a chance, although I’m realistic enough to know we’ve got about a 50/50 chance against the Eagles, who only beat the Bears by 5.

Any other good news?

LVE should be back.

Dare I say if LVE had played on Sunday, we likely walk away with a win in that game. There are a few players who I see as staples to Dan Quinn’s defense, and LVE is one of them. Also our safety trio, Dorance Armstrong, Parsons, DLaw, and Diggs.. But our defensive pass rush went missing vs the JAGS… If we can manage to get healthy on defense, we’ve got as good a shot as anybody, including the Eagles.

The problem is, I once thought we had a better chance against the birds. Now I see it as 50/50, if we get so far as to play them in the playoffs.

I’ll take the playoff berth. But the team needs to do some soul searching.

Move Bland to the outside and play Joseph in the slot. Their skillsets bode better with that combination. I never understood why the Cowboys didn’t just roll with Bland for now. He’s got better instincts for the outside, and Joseph better for the inside.

We shall see.

Mostly, I’m glad we’ll have LVE back in the lineup come Christmas Eve.

Also, Kellen Moore had a brilliant first half, then sputtered with too many run calls. You have Cee Dee Lamb with over 100, again, and Noah Brown scoring two TDs. Hendershot with the money TD. That guy needs more reps, imo.

You can’t be afraid to pass it in running situations. Sometimes, you have to pass to run, and the Cowboys got too predictable, again, with their play calls. As big of a fan as I am of Moore, part of this loss was on his choice of play calls. No getting around that.

When you put Dak in a situation where the other team knows it’s going to be a pass, it’s easier to set up a pick, because you know the pass is coming.

Pollard is great, but he can’t hit a homerun every time. I think they wore him out this game. But let’s put the loss behind us and move on.

When the game starts, a team’s record doesn’t matter. Everyone gets a fresh slate, even the Texans, when the whistle blows.

Offense firing on all cylinders. Let’s get this defense back in shape and go kick some arse.

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