This indicator accurately predicts teams that have a chance to win a SB

POINT DIFFERENTIAL is one of the most accurate ways to determine teams that have a legitimate shot to win a Super Bowl. In fact in the last 9 seasons, 8 SB winners finished in the top 6 in point differential stats.

Here’s what I mean- 8 of the last 9 winners since 2013 all were in the top 6 in point differential:

  • 2021- SB champ-Rams finished 6th in point differential.
  • 2020 SB champ- Bucs finished 4th in PD.
  • 2019 SB champ- the chiefs finished 4th in PD.
  • 2018 SB champ- the Patriots finished 5th in PD.
  • 2017 SB champ– the eaglets finished 1st in PD.
  • 2016 SB champ– the Patriots finished 1st in PD.
  • 2015 SB champ- the Broncos finished 10th in PD (the outlier of all these champs)
  • 2014- SB champ: the Patriots finished 1st in PD.
  • 2013 SB champ- the Seahawks finished 2nd in PD.

Here are the current TOP 6 in Point Differential through 10 games:

  1. Buffalo- +107
  2. Dallas- +84
  3. Filly- +80
  4. Kansas City- +67
  5. Cincy- +50
  6. Baltimore- +49

Recent history is clear- The Cowboys are currently among the teams with the best shot to win a SB. Lots of football left to play, but we are in a good position.

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