Consistency is the habit of champions

Consistency is the habit of champions. Hot/cold teams usually aren’t.

The win Sunday in Minnesota should give our Cowboys a nice confidence boost after spitting the bit against the pack. Who wouldn’t be excited after taking down an 8-1 team with a 7 game win streak?

Now the next challenge for the Cowboys is consistency. In fact, to make it crystal clear- consistency is the habit of champions. Lots of teams can look great one week and not so great the next. Can this team be consistent? The reason that is so important this time of year- late November- it is when getting hot and staying consistent most matters. We are 1-4 in our last 5 Turkey Day games. Time to get a win!

I’ve shown this recently- look at the last 4 SB champions- they all got hot in late November which led to being hot going into the playoffs.

  • 2021- Rams were 6-4 after ten games. Then won 9 of their last 10 all the way to a Lombardi.
  • 2020- The Bucs were 7-5 after 12 games. Then they won 8 in a row all the way to a Lombardi.
  • 2019- Chiefs were 6-4 after 10 games. Then won 9 in a row to win the SB.
  • 2018- Patriots were 7-3 after 10. Then won 7 of their last 8 to win the SB.

NOW is the time for this team to start being consistent. Consistency is the habit of champions.

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