Have you been priced out of going to Cowboys games?

I’ve been lucky enough to go to Cowboys home games at all three stadiums in their storied history – the Cotton Bowl, Texas Stadium and AT&T Stadium. My Dad took me to my first Cowboys game in 1964 when I was only 6 years old. Eventually my Dad took my younger brother and me to games also over the years, and as a middle class family it was affordable. Those memories of going to Cowboys games were truly bonding experiences.

The 1964 game tickets my Dad had for the game at the Cotton Bowl were $6.00 each. So it was $12 for a father and son to sit on about the 25 yard line. That was then. The average single ticket price of going to a Cowboys game now is between $286 and $689 and that of course does not include parking and other items.

Trust me, I’m not here to say “everything was better in the good ol’ days.” Believe me they weren’t. I’m not against owners making big profits. But I am mystified by how much NFL ticket prices have gone up relative to everything else in society over the years. The experience I had with my Dad so many years ago seems harder and harder for the average person to experience.

The Cowboys have raised ticket prices approximately 20% since 2022. The cost of living/inflation has gone up but not at those percentages. I’m all for the free enterprise system but at what point does this become just a ridiculous level of pure greed?

So…I’m curious. How many of you have been priced out? I last attended a Cowboys game in 2018 and now that I am retired, I may have been priced out of ever going again. How many of you have attended games with your children and continue to do so?

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