Why Tyler Smith should play LT all year

As this year’s first round pick, Tyler Smith was drafted as “the replacement for Tyron Smith”. And although it would have been better to give him time to develop and adjust to the NFL game as a LG, circumstances as they are now make that plan mute.

He has had very little actual prep at LT this pre-season, so we should be prepared for some major growing pains, especially at first as he adjusts to the NFL speed and talent. The difference between playing at Tulsa and playing in the NFL is quite an adjustment. But he does have a lot of raw talent. Emphasis on raw.

But if Tyler Smith is the long term answer, we might as well get started finding out. If he isn’t the answer, this organization will have to move LT back to the top of team needs in the draft. The LT position is second only to QB in importance and not an easy one to find plug and play talent.

One other thought- playing Tyler at LT is probably what should be done for long term purposes. But in the short term, be prepared for a lesser level of team performance. It will be tougher to win the East and make the playoffs. Not impossible but much tougher.

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