Thinking big picture here in terms of division

Philly sits at 9-1, we are 7-3.

Remaining schedules:

Eagles – Packers, Titans, @Giants, @Bears, @Dallas, Saints, Giants

Cowboys – Giants, Colts, Texans, @Jags, Eagles, @Titans, @Commanders

Tiebreakers that would likely factor in (in order)

Head to head

Philly has the edge obviously but Dallas winning the 2nd game makes this moot

Divisional record

Teams are tied at 2-1. But again, if Dallas wins out in the division, the Eagles loss against the Commanders looms large.

Record Similar Opponents

Common opponents are Bears, Titans, Packers, Colts, Texans, Jags, Vikings, Lions.

Right now, Philly has the edge as they are 5-0 (Colts, Texans, Jags, Vikings, Lions) thus far to the Cowboys 3-1 (Bears, Lions, Vikings, loss to Packers).

Long story short, as long as Dallas wins out in the division and finishes tied overall record wise with the Eagles, they would win the division. If Dallas loses a non-Eagles divisional game, it gets a bit tougher going to similar opponents. After that it goes to conference record and that Tampa loss could loom large for us.

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