I wish the media would call out Stephen

Two days later, what angers me the most isn't how poorly the team played, or how certain players were non-existent, or that Dak is hurt, or that the season might be done after just getting started.

What pisses me off is Stephen spending these first few days lamenting how Lamb didn't play well, or the coaches didn't play players, or this player has to be better, etc.

The OL had issues Sunday night. A big reason for that was they simply had little depth and are basically trying to hodge podge the OL together. But it was Stephen (and Jerry) who CHOSE to sit on their hands in FA and not bring in any OL to compete for an OL that they claimed needed serious work after the 2021 season. They CHOSE to think Ball was good enough to be a swing OT. They CHOSE to believe that they didn't need an upper level OT to backup Tyron Smith who is always hurt. They CHOSE to take the kid they planned to be our starting LG to now play LT. The OL problems are directly tied to the front office, yet Stephen is acting like what they did was correct, it was just not having preseason game action that caused this.

Same with the WRs. They weren't very good Sunday. Stephen called out Lamb. But any decent football mind can figure out that defenses would simply double Lamb and make the other WRs beat you. The front office CHOSE to let Wilson walk. They CHOSE to let Cooper go. They CHOSE to believe Gallup would be back very early and be fine. They CHOSE to only sign Washington, who is a JAG to begin with. They CHOSE to not sign anyone after Washington got hurt. They CHOSE to compete with Lamb and a gaggle of fringe NFL WRs. But yet, there's Stephen blaming Lamb for not being better and helping the team.

You haven't heard a peep out of Jerry or Stephen about the mistakes they made. It's just a reminder that these two 1) have no clue and 2) likely will never, ever change. And most in the media is just too scared or complacent to call these guys out for this. To sit there and call out one of your better players for not being better while ignoring the fact you created the problem in the first place is pathetic. Call his BS out.

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