Please don’t act surprised

Anyone stunned by today is either just a blind homer or just became a Cowboys fan.

This is what this team does. This is what they've done for 20+ years. As the season progresses and the pressure mounts, this team often just wilts through dumb coaching, bad QB play and stupid mistakes on the field.

Don't be surprised that this might be the start of a 3 game losing streak. Washington could be tough at year end too if they are fighting for a playoff spot. But again, this team kind of coasting/limping into the playoffs should surprise no one. They are looking exactly like the one and done team they've been for two decades.

The sad thing is that I'll be a moron come late January thinking that maybe Jerry will understand the flaws of his team. Maybe he'll finally wise up to the reality that his DTs aren't very good. And then they'll do the same old ****, start the season in 2023 the same way, and fade down the stretch next year too.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

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