The Misconception That Not Stopping The Run Lost Us Green Bay Game

I know we gave up all those rushing yards but that alone wasn’t what did us in. It was the run coupled with big plays in the passing game.

In todays NFL, unless the opposing offense cannot score 26+, just simply running at a consistent level is not enough to win. Explosive plays are what win games. Think about the Bears game, they were down by less than the Packers (28-17) and stuck to the run and racked up 200+ rushing yards. But since they didn’t have enough big plays that scored, they couldn’t catch up.

Running the ball alone when you’re behind 14+ should not be able to get you back in the game, especially in one quarter regardless of if your offense doesn’t score. And this is not a thread to defend the offense just trying to dispel the myth that solely running got them back into the game. Without those quick strike big plays they would have run out of time.

Now I don’t want the team to slack on the run thinking that just preventing big plays is the way. But those two things both have to happen in order to get beat. As long as your offense scores 26+, just running the ball well won’t do it, you need explosive plays.

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