10 years of drafts. best 10 Cowboys picks?

I thought I'd switch things up and post something different from the usual…….

Going back to the 2013 draft, who do you think our best 10 picks have been? You decide on your criteria as to what your top 10 looks like. It may just be "best 10 players" however, I've tried to look at draft slot and to a degree, comp pick to come up with my list.

1. Micah Parsons – just because!

2. Dak Prescott – round 4 pick, EVERY team would love this pick in round 4 (please, please don't turn this thread into a Dak-bash).

3. Zak Martin – Best, most reliable player we drafted in forever.

4. Trevon Diggs – All pro in the 2nd round, position of need…..say no more.

5. Tank Lawrence – forget the contract and sack numbers. A super-solid player picked in the 2nd round. Draft "a Lawrence" every year in round 2 and you have a good roster.

6. Travis Fredrick – What a pick………….what a shame his career was so short.

7. Michael Gallup – really solid round 3 pick who just does his job

8. Dalton Schultz – now hear me out! Round 4 pick, playing like a top 5 TE…..and the comp pick may be a 4 if he's gone next year (I'll take that).

9. Anthony Brown – round 6……….again, round 6 draft and he's solid, really solid.

10. Tony Pollard – it's been a slow burn but he's on fire now and will climb my list when he scores 2 TDs in the Super Bowl this year.;).

so no Zeke? If it was a top 10 best player list, then all day but I've taken account of his draft capital.

No Byron Jones? He was good for 1 year at CB, meh at safety before that.

No CeeDee Lamb? A bit like Zeke, draft slot has him out my list but I'm torn here.

No-one from 2022 draft? For me, too early to add them in but there's optimism.

So where are you all with your list folks?

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