There are zero dominant teams in the NFC this year

What a great opportunity the Cowboys have this year in the playoffs. When you look at the current NFL landscape, honestly there are no juggernauts. There are no consistently dominant teams.

Looking at the playoff teams in the NFC, it’s hard to pinpoint any one team as having the most momentum. All teams have strengths but their weaknesses are there too.

Looking at the current top 4 NFC teams going into the playoffs, none of them scare me- They all have strengths of course but their weaknesses are there too.

  • Philly- their once strong running game has become average. And who knows how bad Hurts’ shoulder is. Their defense has suffered big injuries too. They are limping into the tournament.
  • SF- yes they have a great D, yet somehow that D gave up 34 to Oakland’s backup QB yesterday. And, more importantly, they continue to count on a 7th round rookie QB to not fall apart. Brock Purdy’s clock is ticking for a melt down.
  • Dallas- we’re as good or better than anyone in the NFC. Just have to prove it on the road.
  • Minn- the worst 12-4 team in the league. Cousins is terrible when facing good teams. Their defense is completely inconsistent.
  • GB- if they get in the playoffs, they could be the scariest team in the tournament. They’re hot and Rodgers has no fear.
  • TB- Brady is the GOAT but Father Time has been gently rapping on his door this year. He’s still capable of great moments but not consistently. The TB defense is just ok.
  • NYG- probably just glad to be in.

Bottom line for me- this year’s playoffs are an excellent opportunity for the Cowboys to win some playoff games. But more than likely they must become tough road warriors. It’s all there for the taking.

Respect is earned in the playoffs!

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