Best To Stay At the 5 Seed

It is way better for us to stay at the 5th seed and play at Tampa. Yeah, Brady can still sling it around the yard but Tampa aint exactly a powerhouse, I still like our chances against the Bucs.

Packers aint losing at home in Lambeau to the freaking Lions with a playoff spot on the line. So Packers will be the #7 seed and play at the #2 seed 49ers. Rogers vs Purdy in the playoffs has me thinking the Pack will win this, even with that monster defense the 49ers have. This would be HUGE for Dallas if they can avoid having to play the 49ers.

If the Packers beat the 49ers, they then go to Philly and play a gimpy Hurts. Again, I think Rogers would have the edge here and have a legit chance to beat the Eagles.

Assuming we beat the Bucs, we would then face either the Vikes or the Giants in the second round. We already smacked the Vikes around this year and we swept the Giants. So I like our chances against those teams.

Then we finally have to face our grim reaper Aaron Rogers in the NFC Title game. So, Go PHILLY!!!!

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