NFC champ will again be a team that was extremely aggressive in the off-season

For the 3rd straight year, the NFC champion will be a team that was extremely aggressive in free agency and trades in the off-season

  • 2020- Tampa Bay- signed Tom Brady, T Joe Haeig, TE Ron Gronkowski as FAs, and franchise tagged LB Shaq Barrett. Won the SB.
  • 2021- LA Rams- made a whopping 8 trades including trading Jared Goff and two 1sts and 3rd round pick to the lions for Matt Stafford. Traded two day two picks for Von Miller, and signed FA Odell Beckham, Jr. Won SB.
  • 2022- Philly- eagles were super aggressive in off-season signing FA LB Haason Reddick, and 3 other defensive starters, and acquired WR AJ Brown in a trade with Tenn. The eagles were the most aggressive team last off-season. Their defense went from 29th in sacks to 1st in one year.

Meanwhile Stephen Jones reminds Cowboys fans of his concerns about staying under the cap and that “we like our guys”. In the last 6 years, Philly has won a SB, completely rebuilt its roster and is in a position to win another.

It’s certainly arguable that the main reason the Cowboys could not make it to the NFC championship game this yr had a lot to do with what they DID NOT DO LAST OFF-SEASON.

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