Things You’ll Look for in the Chargers vs. Cowboys Preseason Game

First, I want to make sure we don't have any injuries to any of our key starters or even backups. The staff knows who they'll likely keep or won't keep better than anyone, so I'll just say I'm hoping we stay injury-free.

Defensive Line

Aside from that, I'm still interested in seeing how a few things play out. I'm convinced Gallimore and Bohanna are going to make the team. I'm pretty sure they also keep Hill, and obviously Osa. So, I'd sit all of those guys except Hill.

Obviously, most are like me and are going to be interested in how the defensive end players do as well. It should be interesting to see how those battles play out.

Backup Quarterback

The two quarterbacks we saw in last week's game didn't look like they belonged in this league. Sure, they were playing with some backup players and not the starters. But they were also playing against other backups.

To be fair, it was one game. But it's not like Cooper Rush has ever wowed anyone with his overarching talent, same for DiNucci. I can see why they'd try to hold on to DiNucci, but I'd like to suggest it's probably time to say goodbye to Rush. Otherwise, you're holding your team's potential back with a stale piece of bread that isn't getting any fresher.

So, I'm probably the most anxious about seeing how Will Grier plays against the Chargers. I hope the staff helps him prepare. There's no doubt, in my mind, at least, that Grier has more potential than Cooper Rush. And if DiNucci is ever going to compete with Grier, it likely won't be this year.

That is, unless Grier stinks it up as badly as the duo last week.

Linebackers and Wide Receivers (depth)

Most years, I would feel frustrated along with the majority of other fans who insist we desperately need help at the WR position. But this year, I confident that at least one or two our guys who haven't yet made names for themselves will be able to produce enough to make a name for themselves. If things end up looking too ugly to go into the regular season with the guys we have, well, there's still time. And I can't fault the Cowboys for taking this approach, this season, at this position.

While it may seem like we have our starters at LB with LVE, Parsons, and Barr, I'm particularly excited about the players on the roster likely to play behind those three. So I'll have my eyes on the two players who caught the attention of fans last week: Storey Jackson and Malik Jefferson. Good teams require good depth, so this is one of the reasons I tend to be more optimistic than others about the 2022 Dallas Cowboys. We seem to have pretty good depth at several positions outside of wide receiver and backup quarterbacks.

Lastly, I would be interested in the kicker competition battle. But I'm already convinced that neither Hajrullahu nor Maher are likely not the solution for putting the foot in football.

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