5 Things to Look for Tonight; Seahawks vs Cowboys Preseason Game 3

It's been a rough couple of days for the Cowboys. But I'll argue that Tyron getting injured early one was the best things that could have happened this season. I know. It's terrible that he got injured, and not getting injured would be the best thing. But we all knew it was coming. Look at how many posters on this site used the phrase, "not if, but when." We all knew it. The front office just ignored it.

Now, they will have to address it.

Some will argue that you look from within the team; others will argue we should look for a free agent. I would suggest we do both of those things. By both, I mean we should definitely sign a free agent and also keep pushing our guy to get up to that level.

What I don't suggest is panicking and trading away a guy like Trysten Hill, because he looks to be finally coming around and we specifically need the help in the middle of the defensive front.. If we're being objective without bias and feelings, he's had some bad luck, and it'll really be no surprise if he has a good 2022.

Offensive Tackle

Since we haven't signed a free agent just yet, the first thing I'll be looking for in tonight's game is how well Matt Waletzko plays in his first outing. My expectations aren't high, so I don't plan on being to critical of him since he's injured, but I'm hoping he'll somehow impress.

Most, like me, will also be trying to analyze Ball or whoever else they decide to play tonight.

The way I see it, keeping Tyron Smith at left guard is the most ideal situation, because that helps your offense move the ball forward.

We're all holding our breath here, apparently.

Defensive Line

To me, the defensive line is the most exciting part of the team, especially when we have players like Parsons and Diggs.

For Diggs to do what he does, this group will need to step up what they do. I like how Parsons is a factor in all of this, too. I really don't need to explain why he can be a factor.

What the Cowboys do on the defensive line will impact how their initial 53-man roster plays out.

Wide Receiver

There's really not a lot to explain here either. Apparently, the Cowboys are rolling with Noah Brown as their 2 guy, which doesn't excite a lot of fans. That's because Brown hasn't had a lot of production his career since his role for this team has primarily been in the run game and on special teams. It's not like he's gotten a whole lot of reps to prove himself, so we'll have to wait to see how that works out when the season begins, apparently.

I am excited to see what Turpin is capable of in the slot. The last couple of times he touched the ball, he took it down the whole field and scored touchdowns. Given his size, it's not difficult to understand why the coaches might not think it could be a good idea to play him at receiver, but given his ability I can understand why they would. If he gets hurt,. you lose a return man in the kicking game, which can be valuable. But the payoff of him not getting injured and contributing on offense could be much higher. The dude has skills. I'm excited to see what he can do.


I don't want to see anything other than perfection here. If Maher isn't perfect, I'd bring in some competition, especially after final cuts are made next week.

Defensive Backs

Two of the biggest reasons I haven't lost hope in the team after Smith's injury are Doran Bland and Israel Mukuamu. I know it's a different area of the team, but those guys provide enough depth and talent that they just make you a better team. That is, if what they've shown thus far is an indication of the type of players they will be in the future. And it might be, or it might not be. But I like what I've seen from those two so far.

Mukuamu has looked like he could even challenge the starters.

I wouldn't be surprised if Doran Bland does the same thing.

Final Score Predictions

Win or lose, score or no score, I could care less about that. I want to see players wearing the Star make plays as we head into the final week of camp and look to cutting the roster down to 53 on Tuesday.

I'm really just excited to see football and have some entertainment to keep my mind off of the Tyron Smith situation.

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