The two bad habits that are killing our chances to get better

Let‘s face it- the Cowboys front office has two very bad habits:

  • BAD HABIT #1. Over-valuing our own players.
    • Think about it. We have a whopping two wild card playoff wins with the “cornerstone” talent we’ve built with the best of our last 7 drafts. For years, our front office has looked at guys like Zeke, Dak, Cedee Lamb, Trevon Diggs, and several other players and thought, “We have to keep these guys because look at what we’ve accomplished with them.“
    • We haven’t accomplished that much with them.
    • I‘m not saying all of those guys should be traded or cut. But I am saying THEY AREN‘T ENOUGH.
  • BAD HABIT #2. Not being dissatisfied enough with lack of playoff results. The Jones boys apparently are satisfied enough with what they’ve been getting because if they weren’t satisfied, they would be more aggressive to make changes.
    • If you really want to win a championship, you look at your team with a critical eye, not just assume all the guys you think are good just need another year to “get lucky”.
    • SJ has been saying lately ad nauseum that we are “just a click away”, just need “little more juice”. He and Jerry both act like they haven’t sniffed a championship in 27 years because of “bad luck”.

In my eyes there is only ONE player on this team who is untouchable- Micah Parsons. Literally everyone else is available if by moving them we could get better.

Over-valuing talent means you don’t have the critical eye to see beyond what you like about any player’s past performance. And if you truly want to win a championship, you have to stop thinking, “We’re really close, we just need to get lucky”.

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