A joyful collapse

How bad (good) was the eagles collapse? Five weeks ago, they were 10-1.They have gone 1-4 since. Two weeks ago all the eagles needed to do to wrap up the NFC east was get two wins as double-digit favorite against NYG and the cards. They couldn’t do both.They even had a 21-6 lead at home yesterday, only to fall 35-31 to a 3-12 team “with nothing to play for”. Now likely no home playoff games.

How bad was the e-girls defense yesterday? They gave up a whopping 32 1st downs – the 2nd most allowed by any team this season. The cards in 7 possessions had 4 TDs, 2 FGs, and 1 INT. The Cardinals never punted. Hahaha!

Now…for everyone saying the commanders have “nothing to play for”….let the e-girls collapse be a reminder.

Let’s go Cowboys!

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