The stage is set for the sports drama of 2023

With the Cowboys, I shouldn’t limit that to sports because they’re so reality show like, they get interest from outside the sports world.

Remember that "Season of the Reliable Source" and how much fun that wasn’t? This one is the perfect storm for a sequel to that.

The QB leads the league in picks and while they do excuse some of those as receiver error, the response is to let the OC walk, the HC take over play calling with a reference to running the ball more (not his forte, by the way) and no one can be sure if this was really his idea. The team allows one season to label the QB as turnover prone instead of his body of work.

Plenty of blame for Kellen Moore here but once he hit the beach, he didn’t have time to get his little umbrella out of his cocktail before he had another OC gig with one of the hottest young QB’s in the league. All media eyes in Dallas will not be on NY, PHL or WAS, they will be on the Los Angeles Chargers. Kellen Watch will be in full bloom.

The owner has fired a HC in season just once and he had the heir apparent just waiting to take over. Now, he has Quinn in the wings so the transition would be smooth. Unless you consider Shottenheimer is now the OC and play caller.

More than any HC in the league, McCarthy is going to be under the magnifying glass early on in the season and if he can win the ones he supposed to, he should be OK but lose one of those?

What if the Chargers beat the Dolphins, and look good doing it, on opening weekend and the Cowboys should stumble against the Giants? The Cowboys face their old nemesis, Aaron Rodgers, in the home opener in what could be a must win game for Mike McCarthy.

What if it is the offense struggling and the defense is doing their job? The spotlight will not be brighter on the second weekend of the season than on Dallas with the rumor mill already cooking.

Should the unthinkable happen, the Cowboys open 0-2, it is not fantasy that the other East teams would all be 2-0. The Cowboys are no longer the 3rd best NFC team, they’re not even the 3rd best NFC East team.

Conjecture? Of course it is, that is what we do here. But this was the first thing that hit me when they let Moore walk and McCarthy took over the play calling and the QB voiced his opinion on that. This is a keep the QB happy league and this QB was already smarting from the picks. Add to that, they let his guy walk and openly state they want to run the ball more to take it out of the QB’s hands.

This team is standing on shaky ground to start the season and they have to come out of the gate smoking. Think the Joneses have the patience to let McCarthy work his way out of a 0-2 hole with Quinn on stand-by?

And what makes this so specific to the Cowboys is the media is begging for this to happen, makes their jobs easier in getting in their required Cowboys coverage but a lot of them would have more fun if the team was struggling.

Go ahead, tell me it can’t happen, won’t happen. Others have told me that too. Right up until it happened.

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