If the QB doesn’t get a new contract, how will you watch this season?

I posed this in another thread but thought it would be an interesting topic here, if all posters can really be honest with their answers.

First off, I am going to say Prescott is a more polarizing player than Romo was and I could see fans of the team actually pulling against their own team to try and get rid of him.

It is an oddity but it is there, many just don’t want him to be the DC QB. The question is enough to pull against him and the team?

I gotta say, if I disliked him at QB as much as some here do, and evidently that is not exclusive to the Zone, I might be tempted to pull for a QB crash and burn.

And I am not going to ask if not him, then whom because those that really dislike Prescott do not care, I really do believe they have arrived at "anyone but him".

I am also not going to say if they go that route they are not good fans. Plenty of fans have pulled for their teams to get worse in order to get better.

So, my question is mainly to those that do not like him. If he does not get a new contract, can you pull for him and the team knowing he will get another one and most likely larger than the extension he might have gotten?

Oh, I know, the Joneses intend on extending him but they intended on getting him on a new contract before they had to do that 160M one. He’s bet on himself before and won.

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