Cowboys Linebackers Unit – Any concerns?

Linebackers – i think our LB unit will be spearheaded by 3 players- LVE, Clark and Overshown, imo.

But there are some questions and concerns about this LB unit, imo too. It only has 1 true experienced vet in Vander Esch.

And there’s a ton of inexperience that could be our weakness at LB all said and done.

With Parsons being more DE than LB, can he truly be noted as a true LB ?

– When healthy and at top of his game, LVE can be solid, at the least serviceable. He’s just not a big play turnover or sack guy

or a Sean Lee clone like i’d hope he’d be.

But he’s decent enuff – until we get that stud LB. But what if he gets hurt ??.. which he has had a history of.

He’s missed much, ..not that LVE is that good, but more so cuz our LB depth has always been so very weak & suspect. IF LVE , who is key backup ?

Damone Clark was a rookie in NFL learning mode- lost in coverage breakdowns. but he had zero camp summer and was activated after handful of NFL games

But he was supposedly a finalist at LSU, for the Dick Butkus award for best LB in college football.

Because of that alone, he’s worth the watch and wait after a full offseason program and full camp.

Demarvion Overshown will be another watch and wait, i just don’t expect a lot from him early on, as he continues to learn LB role, plus adjusts to NFL level,

as well as Quinn’s system. Special teams i expect he’ll be a big contributor. Hopeful he becomes a Deion Jones, Kwon Alexander type.

I’d like to see him form tackle better,

Devin Harper – they liked him a lot a a late round pick, but an achilles tendon tear ended his year- and i’m concerned that he may not recover fully

from that kind of injury.

Jabril Cox ? rookie year only 8 snaps before his ACL, – because coaches did not trust him,..’23 ? virtually spent entire year on Inactive game day list.

Why ? Coaches apparently do not trust him. Not even thought out as special teams help.

So what real experience and skill set does he have to offer and expect ?

Isiah Ward was a undrafted player that collected an astounding 19 sacks in one season in college. Despite those numbers, he was even drafted.

Perhaps because of his 210 pound body for an edge rusher and playing in an inferior smaller college..

Either he will be a rush specialist on long pass downs.. or he will be converted to an off ball LB, who will still rush passer ..a lot.!!

Ala Hasson Riddick.

Take it for what it is worth, but currently he’s supposedly bulked up from 215 lbs. a " listed" 236 pounds.

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