Better or Worse than you originally thought it would be?

Quarter of the season in and I am still not sure if I know a lot more than before the season started but I did have some idea of how better or worse I thought players and units would be compared to last season.

The team is a surprising 3-1 with those 3 W's with a backup QB and he is definitely better than I thought he would be but not better than the QB1. However, I did not have the QB1 in the top 8 in the league and still do not.

In fairness though, the QB1 is expected to go out and win games the backup is doing well if he doesn't lose them.

The DL and secondary are better than I anticipated and the LB's about where I anticipated.

The OL and WR's are better and the RB's are about where I anticipated.

The coaching is better so taking into account the others that are better, the team is overall better than I anticipated. And winning 3 games with a backup is good coaching. Might be different coaching than with the QB1, and maybe there's a lesson to be learned there, but it is better coaching.

However, I do not feel the team has been really tested yet and that is more of a factor of the NFL, in general, and the NFC is off to a worse start than I anticipated.

So far, the biggest surprise is that PHL is considered to be the best NFC team and while I did think they would be the best in the East, I did not see this coming with Hurt's improvement being so dramatic.

I did feel PHL played better as a team than DAL did last year but that gap has been closed and maybe the QB1 being out has caused that to happen for DAL?

So, what looks better or worse to you and can the better get even better and the worse be countered for this team to get deep into the playoffs?

Only one of the other NFC teams looks any better than DAL does right now and they will play twice so that will get settled.

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