TE Luke Schoonmaker vs Jake Ferguson

I’ve been from podcasts to podcasts, article reads, TV spots,..but i still haven’t comprehend why exactly did the Cowboys

felt they just had to draft a TE high in their liking,- despite having two promising young TEs in Jake Ferguson and Peyton Hendershot.

Why did we have to draft a TE that early as the 2nd round, with those two in the mix ?

Do the Cowboys see Fergy and Shot as too lacking in blocking to be TE1 and TE2 ?

What exactly does Schoon possess as a player,… that Ferguson does not ?

Schoon ?

While I’ve heard and read about his blocking prowess, that’s great asset.

But frankly, I am far more interest in his receiving skills that impacts the passing game.

Imo, you don’t draft a TE as high and early as a 2nd round for his blocking.

You can get the Shawn McKeon’s and James Hanna’s for that.

You can acquire cheap vet FA tight ends for that. ala Blake Bell types.

Those types are not game changing difference makers

– There would have to be something exceptional , something special – about Schoon’s receiving skills that warrants drafting him

as high as the 2nd round.

– Despite playing for a well-known ex-NFL coach in Jim Harbaugh, maybe Schoon was not in a scheme that best emphasized and stood out his receiving skills.

I fully admit that I have full Mark Andrews/ George Kettle aspirations and expectations for Schoon.

Drafted in the 2nd round … he had better at least be like Philly TE Dallas Goedert, imo.

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