Team weaknesses as of mid April

It’s a long time until opening day, and we still have the draft and post draft free agency to go prior to the start of the season. But as of right now, today here are my concerns:

DT (marginal starters and almost no depth)

QB (is it going to be good Dak, or Bad Dak who shows up and I don’t think Cooper Rush is very good in spite of his win total last year)

RB. I would be saying the same thing even if we had kept The Ewok as I think he is done. As of today, Pollard still can’t play. Davis and Dowdle don’t move the needle at all. We need two good playable RBs.

OL. Tyron is done. We have a hole at G and Steele hasn’t come back yet.

So, as I see it we somehow need to come out of the draft or post draft free agency with:

2 DT

2 RB




We seriously need to add a starting quality player at 1 DT, 1 RB, 1 OT, 1 OG

We need potential starters at:

1 DT, 1RB, QB,

I love what the team has done and if the team goes BPA all the way through the draft it will not hurt my feelings at all. But some how, some where, some way, these legitimate holes need to be filled if we want that elusive SB win. I don’t think we get there otherwise.

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