Looking at the Cowboys through a different lens

Let’s say you are the 49ers and you are looking ahead at your options for getting to the SB. That road has two probable road blocks in Dallas and Philly.

You beat Dallas two years in a row in the playoffs. Dallas improved year over year.

Your QB isn’t a big time passer and you need to beat teams by running the ball. Dallas mostly shut down your running game in the 2023 playoff game with a few notable exceptions.

You see that Dallas has added potentially the best RUN STOPPING DT in the draft. Dallas has also added a top flight corner in Gilmore and Hankins back into the fold. Suddenly you start to think —-points are going to come at a premium against this team. And if this version of the Cowboys can keep you behind the chains, Parsons and Co are going to EAT.

On offense they get Pollard back and added the former first rounder Cooks in to the mix. MM is calling plays now so the play calling may force Dak’s hand and the passes may be less predictable. A long handoff to Deuce may pick up 9 on 3rd and 2.

I realize this is all conjecture at this point, but keep this thought process in the back of your mind when you start feeling a bit uneasy about SF or Philly.

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