Dak’s Playoff Numbers: Niners vs Others

Dak’s performances the last two seasons versus the Niners have created a narrative that Dak is a bad playoff QB. When in fact, he’s just been bad against the Niners.

Dak Playoffs vs 49ers

  • 0-2
  • 57.5% Completion
  • 230 yards/game
  • 2 TD, 3 INT
  • 66.7 Pass Rating

Dak Playoffs vs Everyone Else

  • 2-2
  • 66.9% Completion
  • 274.8 yards/game
  • 9 TD, 2 INT
  • 107.4 Pass Rating

We quite possibly make an NFCCG if we avoid them the last two years. But to be the conference champ and SB representative you have to beat the best.

The Niners have arguably the best roster in football top to bottom; certainly in the top 3. There are only going to be a few QB’s on earth who can beat those type of teams consistently. We need to have our own version of an elite team and competitive coaching, which I think we may now have.

Hopefully our offensive additions and defensive fortitude are enough to get over the hump this year. We played them better last year than the year before.

If there’s a world where we don’t play them, Dak has shown he can play more than well enough to win.

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